Senior Couple Meeting with Financial Advisor.
Senior Couple Meeting with Financial Advisor.

Investment Management:
Your pathway to performance and peace of mind

Portfolio performance is as much about minimizing risk as it is about recognizing upside.

That’s why EP Wealth Advisors’ in-house investment team first understands your risk tolerance and your goals to set your personal asset allocation policy.

Only within that context does EP Wealth Advisors attempt to identify favorable global market conditions and economic sectors poised for growth. Once we’ve narrowed down these favorable conditions, we do extensive proprietary and secondary research to find stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and bonds with track records that give us confidence to project continued growth in the future. This is more than just financial products, our team researches the management, process, returns and fee structures.

In order to further diversify your portfolio and provide you with greater stability, we may invest in alternative investments.


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